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MIME Application: An Overview

Multi purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME types) originally referred to email content formats but are today used to describe various types of web content. MIME type categories include application, audio, example, image, message, model, multipart, text and video.

This site is offered as a very general layman's resource to help computer users research and troubleshoot various MIME type error messages.

Most of the info discusses MIME application types but we do touch on some of the other popular MIME formats as well.

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Popular MIME Application Types

MIME Application/pdf
MIME Application/octet-stream
MIME Application/x-msdownload
MIME Application/xhtml xml
MIME Application/x-javascript
MIME Application/x-gzip-compressed
MIME Application/json
MIME Application/x-www-form-urlencoded
MIME Application/x-msdos-program
MIME Application/vnd.wap.xhtml xml
MIME Application/msword
MIME Application/x-zip-compressed
MIME Application/zip
MIME Application/octetstream
MIME Application/java

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